Contemporary Sculptures by Frederic Lanovsky. Pop Art Sculptures and Moderns. Artists Sculptors of Contemporary Sculpture.

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Frederic Lanovsky’s life size sculptures are lively, surprising, inviting, fun and very modern art.

His characters are unique and whimsical in a sense that it almost seems they are ready to interact with one another.

Between 5 & 7 Feet high, these pieces are very human like and always ready to embark on the extraordinary journey of the artist’s colorful imaginary world.

It’s contemporary art at its finest. It’s simply grand !

From Museums to private collections, Frederic’s sculptures are at all times the center point of passionate conversations.

Frederic Lanovsky is a contemporary sculptor with a vision.

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Contemporary Art Sculpture by Frederic Lanovsky. Pop Art Sculpture and Modern Art Sculptors. Artists of Contemporary Sculpture.

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